■Role-playing game and the inner tubes

This is my work.

This image is based on mountain path in Tibet. Imagine where they are going.
I am interested in "doughnut shape".

It is often said that the RPG world is not sphere but doughnut shape. They disappear at the top of the world and appear from the bottom of the world. They disappear at the western edge and appear from the eastern edge.

(Take a square and glue the top and bottom edges get a tube,and then the side edges together get a torus)

Galileo should be shocked that the fictitious inhabitants live such a bizarre astronomical object. How does the gravity work?

On the other hand,the inner tubes you often see in the sea are made of rectangles.
I feel it's cool,and then I drew the Tibet's mountain path.

So to get back to my question,the answer is ..."They continue to walk forever".