■The outlet of water are funny mouths.

"A few years ago,a lot of mosquitoes swarmed over in Roma. The investigation revealed they breed in sewage that have been used as long as 2000 years. Roman found that they have never cleaned for 2000 years."

When I went to Roma 2 years ago,my friend told such stories about Roman sewage and Roman character.

Though it was only 2 day stay,I was impressed by Roman fountain.
Because they are so funny design.Men with evil face,ugly dolphins or lions are spewing water.

Surprisingly,the sculptures of the books,the terrine dish,or the pinecones are spewing water as well as the creatures.

I was deeply moved they created such exciting sculptures as the outlet of the sewage system.

I want to investigate more next time.(I hope) So I am making the Roman fountain map.